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Eagle Hearing provides comprehensive hearing care for adults and children utilizing the latest technological advancements. We pride ourselves by spending time with our patients in order to provide quality service. It is my hope that you will decide to see for yourself how we put our patients first and foremost.

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Private Practice vs. Big Box Hearing Aid Clinics

Our patients sometimes ask us to compare our services, as a private practice audiology clinic, with those in a big-box warehouse store. Below, we summarize the main differences between a big-box hearing center and a private clinic. If you are unsure which to visit, read this blog to help you out.
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Hearing Exam Cost, When to Have a Hearing Test, and What Does it Cover?

Should you have your hearing checked? Have you almost always had a bit of trouble hearing effectively, or is this a recent problem? Whether this issue has been ongoing or seems to be developing of late, it might be wise to get your hearing checked.
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