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"My name is Brent and I live in Eagle Idaho. As a Viet Nam veteran, I was referred to Dr Vore by the local Veterans Administration. I was very pessimistic when I came to see Dr. Vore as I had been told there was nothing that could be done. Thru testing he confirmed that my hearing loss was significant. I finally explained my problems hearing the television and that I was told it was because I have 14 foot ceilings. I cannot hear in a restaurant or crowded room, and even in my truck.


Dr Vore was professional and patient. He completely understood my situation and told me he could help. He informed me my hearing aides were excellent products but needed to be programed correctly for my loss. He does not retail hearing aides, but can order any brand if needed. Accordingly, he suggested a quick adaptation for my hearing aides and programmed them with state of the art technology. I was totally shocked when I tried them as I can actually hear better than I have for many many years! True statement…I can hear!!


Brent B. Eagle, Idaho

"Excellent service, Dr. Vore is extremely helpful and has gone way above and beyond to help with my tinnitus. Thanks!"

Kevin C. Boise, Idaho

"Abe and his staff are outstanding! If you need hearing aids I strongly suggest you go see Abe and his fabulous staff! They are highly trained and able to get the job done even for a fussy customer like me."

Mark B. Boise, Idaho

"Been with Eagle Hearing for 3 years now and have never been disappointed. I was matched with great hearing aids that met my needs and have had excellent service ever since. Dr. Vore truly cares about his patients and bends over backwards to make sure they are using the latest in best hearing aids."

Richard M. Boise, Idaho

"This office is so incredible, super friendly. Their customer service is 5 star. The audiologist truly cares about every patient and treats them like family. If you are embarrassed to wear your hearing aids because you are young, like me, ask about the Phonak Titanium hearing aids, almost impossible to see, they changed my life! I am retired law enforcement with firearm related hearing loss. I wear my hearing aids every day. They are so comfortable i forget there in and have worn them to bed many times. Ingrid is the happiest and most attractive person you will ever meet. Don't run with her, because she will beat you bad. I love this office!"

Edge O. Boise, Idaho