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Oticon Hearing Aids

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Understanding Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon is one of the top 3 manufacturers of hearing aids in the world based out of Denmark. It is also one of the many hearing technology-related businesses owned by company William Demant Holdings. The company was founded by Hans Demant in 1904. Their motto is “People First”.

Recently, Oticon introduced a ground breaking hearing aid range called the Opn S. The technology behind it is meant to help users hear speech in a noisy environment at par with other people who have normal hearing ability. Oticon opn S has taken open sound experience to the next level and offers more flexibility and options for you.

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Key Features of Oticon Opn S hearing aids:

Highly advanced and powerful Velox S platform to deliver the highest level of cognitive support to the users

New rechargeable device (miniRITE R) which gives you a full day of hearing with only 3 hours of charging time

Updated OpenSound navigator increases the boundaries of open sound experience and enables the user to take part in the world. It allows the brain to choose what and whom to listen and how to switch attention when needed

OpenSound Optimizer technology takes the open sound experience to the next level by giving up to 30% more speech cues to the brain and improve speech understanding

It offers an extensive range of wireless connectivity options. Users can easily connect their hearing aid to their smartphones, TVs, and other devices.

The upgraded technology in Opn S devices stops whistling sound (feedback) completely. Now you don’t have to worry before hugging someone or talking on the phone.

With improved technology, the BrainHearing benefits have improved to another level. Speech understanding has been improved by 15%, and listening effort has been reduced by 10%.

It gives a better 360 degree sound experience. Previous hearing aids allowed the user to focus only on one speaker in a noisy environment. However, Oticon Opn S gives you the flexibility to choose the speech you want to hear. This enables you to continue the conversations even in challenging situations.

Oticon Opn S is available in a variety of styles:

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The rechargeable miniRITE-R device:

It is the most advanced rechargeable hearing aid that sits unnoticeably behind the ear. It comes with easy-to-use charger, and it can be used for a full day after charging it only for 3 hours. A quick 30 minutes charge can give you around 5-6 hours of user time. A simple push-button can control the volume and listening programs.

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The small and stylish miniRITE device:

It the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid with a single push button to control volume and programs. A tiny speaker fits comfortably in the ear. A thin wire attaches the speaker to the behind-the-ear device. It can be used for mild to severe hearing loss.

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The miniRITE-T featuring a telecoil:

It is based on the telecoil technology, and it has a double push button to control volume and programs. The device sits discreetly behind the ears, and it is connected to the speaker with a thin wire. It provides a better listening experience in public places like theaters, restaurants, churches, etc.

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The powerful BTE PP:

It is a slim and powerful hearing aid. It features a telecoil for an improved listening experience in public places with looping systems installed. It has a robust design where the speaker is well protected in a small casing that rests behind the ears. It has a LED indicator which monitors the status of the device for the caregivers. It is recommended for severe hearing loss.