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Adult Hearing Tests

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Boise Hearing Tests

Maybe your family doctor or family member recommended that you receive a hearing evaluation. Or maybe you decided you would just like to obtain a baseline on your hearing. Our services allow us to evaluate the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, and the auditory nerve. If hearing loss is present, we will recommend the appropriate course of action for each individual.

We care about providing Education, Awareness, and Advocacy for those with hearing loss.

Those that have hearing loss can do everything except hear. Hearing aids or amplification allows for clearer speech or improved audibility. As a result, the communication experience is generally improved significantly in most listening situations leading to improved quality of life.

The effects of avoiding or delaying treatment of hearing loss can lead to depression, anger, fatigue, stress, depression, social avoidance, and social rejection. The psychological results of hearing loss can also effect overall heath and cognitive ability. For young individuals, hearing loss impacts interpersonal social skills, establishing friendships, pronunciation of speech, and learning in the classroom. For those in the workforce, hearing loss can effect job advancement and income. Regardless of age, hearing loss can affect the relationship of marriage, family, and friends.

Fortunately amplification devices have advanced significantly with time and many of the effects of hearing loss are reduced or eliminated altogether. For those that have hearing loss beyond the help of hearing aids, cochlear implants can be an amazing opportunity that can have very positive outcomes. Sign language also offers an opportunity to live a full and happy life rich in communication.

Adult Hearing Tests

  • Audiometry - is a branch of Audiology and the science of measuring hearing acuity for variations in sound intensity and pitch and for tonal purity, involving thresholds and differing frequencies.
  • Tympanometry - is a test used to detect problems in the middle ear.
  • OtoAcoustic Emmissions (DPOAE and TEOAE) - is a sound which is generated from within the inner ear.
  • Acoustic Reflex and Decay - is an involuntary muscle contraction that occurs in the middle ear in response to high-intensity sound stimuli or when the person starts to vocalize.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (Neuro-diagnostic or Threshold) - gives information about the inner ear (cochlea) and brain pathways for hearing. This test is also sometimes referred to as auditory evoked potential (AEP). The test can be used with children or others who have a difficult time with conventional behavioral methods of hearing screening.
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) - is a neurophysiological assessment technique used to determine the function of the otolithic organs (utricle and saccule) of the inner ear. It complements the information provided by caloric testing and other forms of inner ear (vestibular apparatus) testing.
  • Electrocochleography (EcochG) - is a technique of recording electrical potentials generated in the inner ear and auditory nerve in response to sound stimulation, using an electrode placed in the ear canal or tympanic membrane.
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The Eagle Hearing Difference

Having knowledge of the many factors that contribute to a diagnosis is critical to outcome. At Eagle Hearing, we take the time needed for each individual. Have questions about you or your hearing? We accept multiple insurances and payments. Contact Dr. Vore at Eagle Hearing for a hearing consultation. On average, it is normal to be unsure of when and why you should be getting your hearing tested. Hearing loss is extremely common, impacting 1 in 5 people aged 12 and older. It is the third most common chronic condition for older Americans. Noise exposure is another very common reason for hearing loss, and we live in a noisy world. So if you are unsure if you need a hearing test, contact us to learn more.