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Custom Ear Swim Molds

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Swim Molds for Ears

Water entering into the ears while swimming or doing other water activities can lead to an ear infection if it does not drain. Symptoms of an ear infection include a constant dull pain, irritation, itching and also loss of balance. If left untreated, ear infections can lead to complications such as hearing loss.

One of the most common ear infections caused due to swimming is known as Swimmer’s Ear or Otitis External, which happens when water enters the ear canal and gets trapped. This type of infection can affect anyone from young children to adults. According to the CDC, in the USA, swimmer’s ear leads to an estimated 2.4 million hospital visits every year and around half a billion dollars in health care costs. Swimming molds can prevent water from entering the ears and causing such problems.

Swim Molds for Ears

Types of Swim Molds for Ears

Standard Swimming Earplugs

You can easily get standard swimming earplugs at many retail stores. They are available in different sizes and shapes depending on age group. While standard swimming plugs are readily available, they are not customizable which results in a less effective method of protection. You can expect some amount of water to still enter your ears if you are using standard swimming plugs.

Custom Swim Molds

Another type of swim molds, custom swim molds, are potentially better at creating a water-tight seal to prevent water from entering the ears since they are made to fit each individual. If you are using molds for medical reasons, most likely you will require custom swim molds. It is important to know that both types of swim molds have a specific noise reduction rating.

Should I Use Swim Molds?

Swim molds are beneficial for people of all ages even though it is often assumed they are only for children. While not everyone who swims gets ear infections, the following groups of people can benefit from using swim molds:

  • Swimming athletes who spend hours in a pool on a regular basis
  • People who suffer from perforated eardrums
  • Those who are prone to ear infections
  • Triathletes
  • Jet-skiers
  • Rafters
  • Kayakers
  • Paddleboarders
  • Waterparks enthusiasts

How are custom swim molds made?

Swim Molds for Ears

The ear canal is a dark and warm place, which is a perfect breeding environment for bacteria to grow. When water gets trapped in the canal, the bacteria that are present in the canal start to multiply. This causes inflammation and infection of the ear canal.

The shape of your ears may determine if you are more prone to an outer ear infection. Although we cannot change the physical shape of the ear, Eagle Hearing can provide you with a pair of custom-fit swim molds for your specific ear shape.

During your appointment for custom swim molds, our staff will use putty to make an impression of your ear. Once the mold hardens, it will be sent to the lab so that silicon molds can be made according to the specific shape of your ears. The customized shape and design will ensure a better water seal and minimize the chances of any infection.

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Eagle Hearing has a wide range of swim molds that are available in different colors for different situations. Call us at (208) 939-9359 or submit a contact form to consult with one of our audiologists to learn which swim mold is recommended for your ears.