Veterans Choice Audiologist Boise

The Boise Veterans Choice Program

Eagle Hearing

Requesting an appointment at the Boise VA:

The Boise VA provides exceptional hearing care to our local Veterans. For those that need hearing aids, only high-end technology is provided, and the VA will take the time to give individual attention to every single Veteran in need of hearing care. The direct number is (208) 422-1111 for the Audiology department.

If you live far from the VA or have long wait times you may qualify for optional private care:

Veteran Choice program has now been replaced with the VA Mission Act. The Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) is the network of community providers that provides Veterans access to healthcare through the newly implemented VA Mission Act.

If you are a Veteran that would like to receive Audiology care privately you need to meet one of the two following criteria

  1. The VA cannot schedule you within 28 days
  2. If the VA is located more than 60 minutes away from your home (this criterion may change)

To schedule an appointment with the VA audiology department or inquire for a referral to be seen privately, please call (208) 422-1111. The Walla Walla VA Audiology department number is (509) 525-5200 ext 26163

Eagle Hearing Service for those with current VA issued hearing aids:

We welcome Walk-Ins at any time for Veterans needing hearing aid clean and checks.

  • To have an appointment with an audiologist, current prior authorization is required.
  • We cannot guarantee immediate, same-day service.
  • These walk-in clean and checks are at no charge for Veterans.

If you ever have issues with your hearing aids or if loss/damage occurs, you may be completely covered by the VA.

Before you call us, ask yourself these four simple questions:

  1. Mail-In repair to the Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center (DALC). To do this, request a repair box by calling (303) 273-6200.
  2. In office appointment at Eagle Hearing (need current authorization if hearing aid is to be sent to a lab for repair). Some repairs may be able to be completed in house as a walk-in appointment without prior authorization.
  3. Schedule an appointment at the VA.

In Need of Supplies?

To order supplies you have several options for ordering.

  • Additional supplies (domes, wax filters, batteries, etc.) can be ordered by contacting Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center (DALC) at (303) 273-6200.
  • You may also mail in a “blue card” for supplies. You may request “blue cards” from us.
  • Go to to request supplies.